Organized. Creative. Attentive.

We want to welcome you to The Morris Estate! As coordinators, we are thrilled to assist in planning your event and turning your dream into a reality! We all share a passion and joy for serving our guests and consider ourselves blessed to work together at such a beautiful venue. We love developing relationships with our clients throughout the planning process and would like to share our stories with you as well.


Adara Smith


Who I am...

Vintage. Quirky. Simplistic. Three words that often describe me as well as my style. I have a passion for collaborating with people to create an environment and event unique to them. My degree is in Media Communications, with a focus in Public Relations, and I consider myself very blessed to be in an industry where I can utilize my skills. My deepest hope is for clients to appreciate the meaningful significance of marriage, while I see to the practical details. I am recently married to my incredible husband who daily brings laughter to my life and spoils me with dinner ready when I walk in the door. As a recent bride myself, my desire is for every couple to truly cherish and adore their wedding as much as I did!

What I love...

My husband and I love all things vintage! Our vinyl collection is ever growing, Polaroid cameras and photos can be found in every room of our home, and the movie collection ranges back to the 1920s.

I have a true love and adoration for lazy Saturday mornings filled with coffee, pretty much any game involving cards and boards, road trips with the perfect playlist and shoe shopping! I love getting to know my clients and building that special relationship between a coordinator and her bride.

Amber Janowski


Who I am…

My husband and I are originally from Oklahoma but spent a decade in downtown Chicago after marriage. We met at the age of 11, married at 19 and will soon celebrate our 19th anniversary. (yikes! we’re getting old!) We purchased The Morris Estate in 2010 and have since been carefully restoring the property to its full splendor. I have coordinated each and every renovation on the property, so my personal touch is present in each venue. We live onsite at The Morris Estate, and you will undoubtedly see me, my husband, or one of our four amazing sons at most events. We are very hands-on and consider the staff part of our family. Each client is considered a personal guest on the estate and genuine hospitality is our goal!

What I love…

Creativity, cooking, and decorating are my passions! However, my education was in accounting which taught me to be very meticulous and methodical. That background, as well as running a household of 6, has trained me to be a serious multi-tasker and organizer.

Form & function, practical & poetic, artistic & analytical… often these opposing natures can compete or even clash. Wedding coordination gives me the opportunity to blend those creative interests and logistics skills into perfect harmony.

Lynn Robson


Who I am…

As each wedding day unfolds, I am continually reminded of how blessed I am to be able to celebrate 34 years of marriage with my groom! I have four adult children and five precious grandchildren who round out my life, keeping me young and full of smiles with warm hugs. The excitement never gets old! Personally, I have been organizing events for my family, church and non-profit groups for decades. Professionally, I have been in the wedding industry since 2011. Event coordinating allows me to stay relevant in the career world while using my passion for serving others and my gift of encouragement. A few kind, calming words can go a long way during the stress of a wedding day. I love to ensure our clients feel pampered, loved and special!

What I love... 

Creative outlets are a joy in my life! I love repurposing cast off, broken down furnishings and designing chic, new treasures (I am a glue gun pro)!  My husband and I just converted an 80 year old chicken coop into a fun and beautiful “She Shed.” I also dabble at writing and have been published in various magazines.

My background as a hairstylist and salon owner complements the wedding industry, especially as I serve couples preparing in the Chapel lounges on their special day!